My Mentor

Debbie Brown is the top cake decorator in the UK, as well as being a really lovely person. She does masterclasses around the world. If you ever get an opportunity to learn from her directly, jump at it. I have booked her for a one-on-one tutorial on many occasions now, every time I have a major project coming up. These are expensive, but extremely useful. As an author, she has a huge range of titles, all of which have lots of pictures, as well as key recipe and recommended equipment. Some of my favourites titles are:

Georgeous & Gruesome Cakes For Children

Debbie Brown’s Magical Cakes

Cartoon Cakes (Warner Brothers)

Debbie Brown’s Cute Cakes for Children

I have also taken the opportunity to visit Cake International, an amazing UK-based exhibition of award-winning cakes and great suppliers. The like-minded attendees, the cakes, the connections…  Invaluable!  The entire experience is wonderful.  And don’t forget to take your camera!